I know, I know. Harsh title. My other option was “What I learned during my Facebook Hiatus”, but this is deeper than a four month stretch of being removed from the most popular platform on the internet.

Maybe you’re not an asshole. Congratulations. Maybe I’m an asshole only part of the time (one can only hope). But what I learned from my absence is that my anger is relative to my environment. Now, this is not a monumental revelation, it’s basic common sense. Hostile environments create hostile responses. As I sat in traffic one day on I-25 between Denver, and Colorado Springs, I had an extended phone conversation with my good friend, Steve, catching up on both personal, and political happenings. At one point he asked “Stacy, have you ever met anyone in politics who is happy? Genuinely happy?” My response was of course, no.

Jump to me reactivating Facebook recently. I wasn’t back on for 24 hours before I lit into a family member, and the (bless their hearts) women commenting on the post. Standard misinformed meme. No. This high school in Frisco, Texas DOES NOT have a prayer room exclusively for the Muslim students. It’s a room any student can use for prayer time, Bible study, meditation . . . Reportedly the school chose to make this space available because many of the Muslim students were missing valuable class time on Fridays for prayer. If the concern is that the space is utilized far too much by the Muslim students, then perhaps the Christian students should spend more time in prayer. (I’m just sayin’ . . .)

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